Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Visit to Steward's Village in Pabo

On Saturday, August 27, a few members of our team traveled to Pabo subdistrict in Amuru district. Pabo was the largest Internally Displaced Persons' (IDP) camps during the war, but is now dismantled. We went to Pabo to visit Steward Oyet and his family who recently moved back to this land that is owned by his great-aunt. Steward is a former employee of Kakanyero Hotel and friend to Dr. Rox and Dr. Trish. 

This is one of four huts in Steward's family's compound. Some of his family is standing in front.

Steward's mom made us fresh g-nut paste on a grinding stone. 

Some of his siblings giving the g-nut paste a taste test. 

Now it's our turn to give it a try, along with some sweet potatoes for dipping.

It was delicious!

Steward's family also taught us traditional dance. 

Dr. Rox brought some sweets to share with the kids. 

They loved it!

This is some of the supplies we brought as a gift to the family as a thank you for letting us visit. The supplies included sugar, salt, steel wool, soap, and more. 

They were so grateful for everything we brought.

After our gifts were given, they presented us with this goat as an appreciation for our visit. He will be part of our dinner tomorrow night at our farewell party.

Then it was time to eat again. They prepared us this feast of sweet potatoes, chicken stew, greens, g-nut paste, and millet bread. They were so kind to give us so much.

Our wonderful, fearless leaders: Dr. Rox and Jayanni.

This is the whole family with our team. It was such a great opportunity to be able to go to this village and meet Steward's wonderful family. This is a memory that I will always have!

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  1. Great pics! I hope somebody threw that puppy some scraps!