Monday, August 11, 2014

Community Outreach in Negri Village

During my time in Gulu I had the opportunity to join the director of my internship, David Odwar, and the TAKS Centre Boxing Club on a community service trip to Negri Village.  We went to Negri to help an elderly couple that has been an important part of the Negri community for many years.  The boxing team helped out by trimming the compound, planting a garden of sweet potatoes, getting water from the borehole, and building a new grass thatched roof for one of their buildings.  It was a wonderful experience!! It was fantastic to be able to join hands and give back to the community not to mention I learned so much about Acholi culture during my time in Negri!
Romano and Ventorina, the couple we went to help in Negri Village.
This is the building the boxers built a new roof for.  It only took them a few short hours and the process was very impressive!

Some of the boys from the boxing club tilled and planted a new garden for Romano and Ventorina.  They planted sweet potatoes which are a relatively low maintenance crop during the rainy season meaning it will be easy for the couple to take care of even in their old age.
The roof is going on the hut!
Mowing the lawn and trimming the bushy compound was another huge part of what the boxing club did while in Negri Village.

The roof is almost finished as the boxers put the many bundles of grass on the frame.

While I wasn't taking photos, the ladies in the village kept me busy by teaching me to cook in the traditional Acholi way, I was very impressed in how the women did it because it was not easy!

The boxing team after a hard days work in Negri!

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