Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Birthday from Gulu, Uganda

A few weeks ago I got to celebrate my nineteenth birthday in Gulu. After we all had finished our internships, a few of my team members and I walked around the marketplace until they took me to Emmy’s house where the rest of team and a few of his family members were waiting. Then suddenly, a few of the girls brought out two birthday cakes for the surprise party everyone had planned for me! I was definitely surprised, but after cake and drinks, I received an even bigger surprise.
Some time back during the trip, I had jokingly mentioned to a few friends that I was expecting a goat to take home as my birthday present. Never in my dreams did I expect to get an actual one for my birthday. While we were enjoying the cakes, a baby goat was carried out like a child and handed to me like a casually wrapped up present with a bow. I was in a state of disbelief, but the situation was too hysterical for me not to laugh. I was taught how to properly hold the goat, Lester or Little Esther, upside down and cradle her under my arm.
Unfortunately she was not mine to keep since she was a rent-a-goat, but I did get to keep her until nine that night. We decided to take her out to dinner at a pork joint close by. We walked Lester around town, which was probably quite a sight, but no one seemed to question it, especially when they let her into the restaurant. I tied her to my chair, and we all enjoyed our pork and cassava while I assured Lester that we were not having her for dinner. Soon it was time for her to go home, and I walked her one last time and said a bittersweet goodbye to my brief friend.

From the surprise party to the surprised goat, it was definitely one of the most interesting birthdays I ever had. It’s a day that I will not ever forget. Thank you to all who made this birthday possible!

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