Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy Little Children

I got the chance to travel with my friend Kirsten and the Acholi Education Initiative to two primary schools in Amuru district.  This whole trip, I have been eager to find some happy kids to give my various toys to. I brought bubbles, jump ropes, balls, and face paint from home to give to kids. However, they have given me way more than I could ever give them. I spent about $20 at target, but their reactions were priceless. Their smiles, laughter, and overflowing joy moved me and made me realize how much more appreciative children are here than in the United States. 

Even with all their gadgets and toys, American children are never satisfied. These children were having the time of their life with a foam football. I loved seeing their happy little faces, it has verified to me that happiness comes from within and is not dependent on material possessions. 

Both of the schools we traveled to were community schools that do not receive funding from the government. Both had only one building with a couple of classrooms and no chairs or desks. There were hundreds of kids at the school and only three teachers. Moreover, the schools were very difficult to get to because of the condition of the roads leading to them. None of the students were wearing shoes and their clothes were tattered and worn. Many of them had the light brown hair that indicates malnutrition. For this reason, I was even more impressed by their ability to play and enjoy themselves. By the looks on their faces, you would never guess their circumstance. These children just enjoy life and their innocence is pure. They inspire me so much and, even though my contribution was small, I am so glad I had the opportunity to contribute to their smiles. 

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